Gmail already supports dynamic content

For months, Google made clear its intentions of converting AMP technology into a standard for all the company’s products. He implemented it in the desktop version of Gmail last March and in July it was available to all users of the email manager.

Now it arrives for mobile devices in the Gmail app, compatible with the operating system of iOS 6 or higher and Android 5.01 or higher.

What is AMP?

They are the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a recently developed web technology that allows content to be processed and instantly loaded and updated. In the case of email, the result of applying this technology is to have dynamic messages, that is, that allow the user to interact with the content without having to leave the email manager.

That is, with AMP implemented in Gmail, you can buy a product, fill out a form, make a comment, confirm attendance at an event, see a catalog of photos, like a picture …

For the user, the main advantage is “the simplicity and speed in processing operations without leaving an email”, “intermediate steps” that require an external browser are avoided, explains Javier Ríos, head of the systems department of the business group of the sector ICT Hiberus Technology.

Gmail expands options by right clicking on emails

Gmail expands options by right clicking on emails

The loading time and the quality of the animations are improved, as well as the relationship with the brands, which “will benefit from a greater probability of success in their campaigns via email because of the ease they will allow users”. In addition, this technology “can open a new concept of electronic commerce: the sale without web, only through email,” adds Rios.

What do I have to do to enjoy dynamic Gmail?

You won’t have to do anything in your app to see AMP emails, since this dynamic email service is enabled by default for all Gmail users.

The functionality is expected to be available to all users for 15 days after the launch of the app implemented with AMP.

And if you are worried about a possible battery expense, “in terms of consumption, it shouldn’t make a lot of difference,” says Ríos, but clarifies: “Although it is true that the simplicity and speed of this method will cause stores to interact more with emails that come to you, when before you were too lazy to open a browser. “

Security issues?

Appearance of the new dark mode of Gmail.

The new dark mode of Gmail is now available for some users

Google ensures that only those of its partners who are interested will be able to use dynamic emails, so that the user’s security is not compromised with possible third-party cheating techniques that impersonate your bank or the ecommerce of your clothing brand to Get your sensitive data.

“Like all new technology, time will tell what level of reliability exists and what steps we must take to make it safe. The important thing is that it is up to Google to ensure that only authorized providers can issue and display that type of email, even if tailored that this is extended and standardized in other less recognized mail systems, vulnerabilities begin to appear “, concludes Ríos.

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