The most famous cyber attacks in history

On November 30, International Information Security Day is celebrated. A celebration that arose as a result of the first case of malware spread in the world.

Cybercrime is currently hitting the Spanish business sector hard. Prosegur, as before Prisa, Everis and Sacyl, has been forced to close its services for a cyber attack with ransomware.

We know the data: cybersecurity incidents have grown by 43.65%. In addition, not only are large companies affected, but SMEs and private users are the main targets of cyber attacks, with a total of 102,414 incidents recorded in Spain last year.

Globally the numbers do not improve: there have been 350% more ransomware attacks (about 74.15 billion euros in losses). We are increasingly connected (to more devices, to more apps, to more messaging systems), so that cybercriminals find more and more ‘open doors’.

In the recent history of the internet there have been some very famous cases related to cybercrime. Even making large investments in online security systems, few companies have been spared this scourge.


Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century. The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware caused losses of 3.5 billion euros infecting 300,000 computers in 150 countries in 2017, including those of the Spanish multinational. It encrypted all the data of the equipment so that the user could not access them except with a password that could only be obtained after payment of a ransom, which was $ 300 in bitcoin per ‘hacked’ PC.

Sony Pictures

In 2014, a group of hackers managed to take a large part of their database and leaked online a multitude of information, from internal company documents, such as the CEO’s payroll or personal information of the workers, to several films that had not yet been released on billboard. After lengthy investigations, the FBI accused North Korea of ​​being responsible for cyber attack. Losses were calculated at more than 200 million dollars.

Ashley Madison

This dating platform for married people suffered a major setback in 2015. A group of hackers -‘The Impact Team’- exposed on the internet the personal and financial data of the company’s more than 37 million customers. From their names and surnames – some of them well known – to their most intimate sexual fantasies. It cost more than 30 million dollars.

Playstation network

This ‘hacking’ took place in 2011 and was a drama for users: 77 million accounts went offline for almost a month. A large security breach that leaked data such as names, passwords, emails, bank information addresses and purchase history. Sony confirmed that the attack had meant around 100 million euros.

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