The innovation in the gadget market has been increasingly committed to products that seek to be relevant to technological implementation.

There is a very clear interest on the part of technological brands in achieving innovative products, to keep the commercial segment in which they compete dynamic.

With this in mind, the following innovations are an important indicator of the commercial direction that the technology market will take and the opportunity that this opens for the rest of the industry.

Sony turns any watch into smartwatch

Sony has entered the smartwatch market with a product that seeks to bring the luxury segment market closer to the wearable segment.

It is a strap that turns any watch into a smartwatch, so that now owners of similar high-cost watches can convert them into digital devices.

The Sony strap allows mobile payments, physical activity logging, and connects with the smartphone and displays all data through a thin screen.

Black airpods

During the presentation of the Airpods 2, they are expected to arrive in black, which diversifies the wireless hearing aid market.

As part of these changes, we would now seek to integrate the functions of Hey Siri so that users can use the voice assistant without having to enter the phone directly.

Wearable technology in clothing

The wearable market has found in innovation an opportunity to generate fabrics and garments that bring consumers closer to technology.

This is the case of the new fabric designed by the University of Maryland, which is breathable and hot / cold, thanks to the carbon coating it has.

With this fabric the possibility is opened to think about the implementation of a greater number of technological developments within garments.

The blue ray begins to disappear

Physical formats are increasingly disappearing and proof of this is Samsung’s announcement, which concludes the launch of new blue ray player devices.

While the impact that streaming has had on the media market is obvious, DVD sales have placed this format as a consumer favorite.

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