Recent News about VR technologies

Juan Luis García Rambla, cybersecurity advisor: “We know that journalists work in trolley factories”

Creating the virtual life of a non-existent influencer costs hundreds of thousands of euros. Original images, family life, personal spaces on the internet, phone numbers, interactions and opinions. They are fake Twitter accounts, used to politically influence their thousands of followers. The cybersecurity advisor Juan Luis García Rambla, of the Continue Reading

Amazon’s new music keyboard is capable of creating new songs from a melody using machine learning

Amazon, in addition to selling products online, has a huge (huge) web services and artificial intelligence division called AWS (Amazon Web Services). In it, Amazon brings together everything related to tasks in the cloud, such as voice to text transcription, augmented reality, blockchain and, of course, machine learning. It is Continue Reading

Augmented reality is an increasingly used tool in marketing

Augmented reality companies increasingly develop more powerful and visual tools, through complex applications and large interactive posters. However, it is also possible to carry out AR campaigns based on the most fundamental and forgotten part of any consumer product: packaging. In this article, we will review different examples of campaigns Continue Reading


Virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer creative solutions for multiple sectors, and the hotel industry is no exception. Thanks to these technologies, potential customers can enjoy a more immersive experience, which ends up being translated into results. And, according to various studies, up to 67% of users rate positively Continue Reading

These two technologies, keys for sale bank products, real estate property and commercial training

In a society of constant evolution like ours, banks are at a particularly decisive moment for their future. Both millennials and new generations collide with traditional models in which, even today, many banks operate. For these people, going to the bank office to “make arrangements” is as unnatural as going Continue Reading